Monday, May 18, 2015

Sand, Worms and Bugs... Oh my!

Happy first day back to school! Today we spent a lot of time outside because it was so nice. Many children used the sand pit while we were outside. They pretended to make a variety of cakes, and some of them even opened a cake shop. Other children found bugs, and dug for worms. We enjoyed having many adventures on our first day back and we cant wait for more this semester!

                                                          Owen- “ I think I hit water.”

         Aya made a sand castle: "I used half wet sand and half dry because the wet sand makes it hard."
                                                           Olivia dug up a worm!
Kallix pretended the wood chips were 'hot lava' and made it all the way across without touching the 'hot lava'! 
  James- "The cake is done! I made strawberry and chocolate cake but we don't work when its sunny."

Have a great week! 
-Ms. Czehowski

Teaching Strategies Gold
#27 Demonstrates knowledge of the Earth’s environment 

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