Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gardening Fun!

Today at center time, the weather was so nice that the children were able to spend time outside. The children were able to help Mrs. Nelson plant peas. There was a process that had to be followed and many children were able to participate. Some even worked together to help plant their peas in their hole. The first thing they had to do was loosen up the dirt so they would be able to dig their hole. Once they used small rakes to break up the soil, the children were then able to dig a hole to plant the 2 week old pea sprouts. The children shared their shovels, rakes, and even turns digging in the dirt.
The children each had their own spot to dig their own hole and plant the pea sprouts. Jamie's favorite part was digging her hole.

While digging around in the dirt, Jaquez even found an old onion sprout deep in the dirt that "smelled kinda funny".

When filling back up their hole, Jaquez and Carter found many worms and pulled them out to the side to "save them from the plants"

The children all worked together making sure the dirt was all filled in and their sprouts were resting on the fences. 

TS Gold Objective 27: Demonstrates knowledge of Earth's environment

Not only did the children get to plant peas, on the other side of the garden were chives that had been planted a while ago. Mrs. Nelson allowed the children to try some of the chives right from the garden. Most of the children really liked them and wanted more. They had such a great time in the garden today. We can't wait to watch our peas grow!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a fun Memorial Day. See you all Tuesday!

Ms. Moraw

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