Thursday, May 21, 2015

Small Group Discussions

Today in Mrs. Potter’s small group, we talked about Mrs. Potter’s upcoming trip to Nepal. She explained that she is going to Nepal to contribute to the earthquake relief; specifically with children who have families that are unable to provide shelter and care. Since she is planning on bring materials over for the children in Nepal, she asked the children in her small group if they had any ideas of what she should bring. 

The children discussed what materials/toys they would want if they had lost all of their belongings. Dominic suggested that Mrs. Potter bring lollipops, while William and Kallix thought the children might like a new Lego bin/Lego set.  

Olivia said, “I would give them my Sophia the First set.” 
Destiny and Isabell thought the children would like new shoes, at which Mrs. Potter replied, “While I’m in Nepal, it is supposed to rain for 21 days.” All children agreed that bringing rain boots, rain jackets, and rain pants similar to what they use at the CDLL would be beneficial for the children there. 

William suggested a notepad, which led to Dominic’s suggestion: “You could put a bunch of stuff in a backpack for them. They could have the backpacks for school.”

TS Gold Objective 10: Uses appropriate conversational and other communication skills

Enjoy the long weekend! 
Ms. Damm

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