Thursday, May 28, 2015

Our Walk to Bocce Ball

Today, instead of just going outside on the playground, the CDLL chose to take the children on an adventure around campus being it was a beautiful day.  With the Special Olympic games going on at CMU's softball field we decided to take the children on the bleachers to watch the athletes compete.

 As we were walking we enjoyed looking at the flowers. Alexis said, "Look, those flowers are the same color as my dress."
We all got settled in on the bleachers and spent time watching bocci ball.  The children asked if the sport was bowling but we explained to them that it was bocce ball. Christopher noticed the red team was defense and James said that the orange team was trying to score a goal.

We began to feel the heat coming from the sun so we decided to take a break and have snack under the bleachers in the shade.

I hope that everyone has an enjoyable weekend and am looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

Ms. Burlison

Teaching Strategies Gold
Physical: Objective 6- Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills


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