Wednesday, April 1, 2015

From Empty Box to Cardboard Castle

"We need to put a door in the front"

This afternoon the Pine room seen a lot of action. The research group working in the Pine room have been working all week on figuring out what everyone could turn this empty box into. The past few days have been devoted to voting and thinking of materials the children (with adult help) would need. The design of the castle was the focus today and many children wanted to give their ideas. The children and Ms. Ratliff started by looking at castle ideas and what things they could add to their own castle. Today the children with the help of Ms. Ratliff added a drawbridge door and a few windows. While Ms. Ratliff was cutting the box the children were directed to the writing center, where they started making flags to put on the top of the castle. 

"You have to cut down then over for the door"

"How are we going to close the door bridge?"

"I see something, it's going to open in a second"

"We should do three windows in front"

"I used yellow on my flag"

We are very excited to see what is next for the castle!
Ms. Roesch

Teaching Strategies #14: Thinks symbolically 

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