Monday, April 20, 2015

Clean As A Whistle!!

Today in the Walnut classroom children were able to take part in an every day cleaning chore in a new area. Often time the children want to help clean in the kitchen but due to safety hazards that is not possible. So, why not bring the kitchen to the children. In the Walnut room children are now able to wash dishes, dry them, and place them in the drying rack. The children enjoyed participating in a chore that they see many adults do on a daily basis. They shared stories and exactly how they thought cleaning dishes should go. 

Dakoda: "We need more water just a little bit. See you scrub the dishes with this." 
Olivia L.: "I have to clean all of these now." 

Gabrielle: "They can dry over here." 

Teaching Strategies: #7. Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination. #11. Demonstrates positive approaches to learning. 

~Ms. Ratliff

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