Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fountains and Smiles!!

Today was a very busy day in Pod A. During center time in the Oak room, many of the children participated in finger painting. They mixed red and yellow paint and watched as the paint turned orange! Another popular area was the playdoh. The children mixed hard playdoh with softer playdoh to see what would happen. In the Walnut room, the magnetic match rings were a big hit! Some children decided to make their own patterns while others decided to follow a set pattern that was on a paper. The children talked about what sides of the magnetics attracted others and what sides repelled others. The sides that repelled would cause the other magnetics to float!

Today was also picture day! The children took individual pictures and then headed outside to take a picture as a group! There were a lot of smiles going around today!

Today during small group, Pod A went on a walk to the fountains on campus! The children loved to watch the water squirt up into the air! Some of the children were reminded of fireworks when they saw the water in the air. The children also looked for fish in the fountain and saw two orange fish swimming right at the top of the water!

Teaching Strategies: Social-Emotional #3 (Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations)

Ms. Asaro

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