Monday, September 30, 2013

What a good monday!

Hello parents! Today in Pod A we had a lot of fun with some newer and older items in our center areas. We added some color dust to the shaving cream and the children enjoyed making the white cream turn a different color. We added dress up items to the stage area and they enjoyed putting on dresses and suit jackets while dancing and singing to the music.

The children got to make jewelry for our two dress up areas; in the pine classroom and the oak classroom. They made some necklaces today and we will be adding them to those two areas soon. The children enjoyed creating the necklaces for their school.

Today, Mrs. Bristley introduced water color to a few students. She will be having appointments all this week showing children how to work and create with water color. The children were able to make a painting during their appointment.

Outside today, the graduate student came and she put some pictures up outside of different animals and other items the children might find outdoors. She then gave them fly swatters to point out what picture she was describing to them. I added a video!

Rebecca Jone-Pod A

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