Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lots of Pretend and Construction in Pod B

Today in the CDLL we had a fire drill. all the children had to go outside and go across the street to the large tree for attendance

Today was a busy day in the Maple room. we had a lot of boys at the Lego table making buildings and driving their cars. Also had some of the boys making houses for their cars and trucks

Also in the Maple room we had a lot of building and constructing of roads and ramps for the race cars to go down as well as making rail roads for the trains

In the pine room today we had some fun playing at the dog park. putting our dogs in their carriers and taking them around. with the newly added dogs toys for that area we had lots of children playing with their dogs and pretending with each other

One of the biggest hits from the pine room was all the pretend play that was going on in the restaurant. we had several children pretending in their today. making food and serving it to the costumers, at one point we even had an owner for the restaurant  

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