Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another Day, Another Adventure

Today in Pod A the children continued to discover the new art forms in the Oak Room!  The children were able to use glitter glue to make their collages.  They continued to explore the new texture of the shaving cream and some of the children even wanted to feel it on their faces!

In the Walnut room the children continued to discover the magic of mixing different colors to create new colors.  They started with just the two colors of red and blue today and then were able to create many different shades and colors.  

This afternoon in the Oak Room the children put on a show! The music played and the children danced all around the stage.  They asked the teachers to help them close and open the curtains at the beginning of the show and they even had a starting position!  Some of the other children pretended to be the teacher and mimicked what they saw this morning in their large group. 

Teaching Strategies Objectives for Development and Learning: Physical 6
Demonstrates gross motor manipulation skills 

-Ms. Petruska 


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