Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Blustery Day In March

        The children spend a lot of time outside on this windy day. Many different activities were taking place. The bikes and scooters were very popular. Some children decided to ride the multiple seated bikes together, or even push another child in a wheel barrel. The children climbed the play
structure and rocks. Children were also playing tag and chasing one another around the playground. 

Gigi and Kate climbed the ropes. 

Luke pedaled his way down the path.

Aya, Annabella, and Marcilyn all rode a bike together. 

Makayla climbed a structure to use the mega phone.

Sumaya climbed a rock so she could sit. 

Dominic pushed Max in a wheel barrel.  

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#4 Demonstrates traveling skills 

Have a great night! 
-Miss Dawson

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