Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beautiful Tuesday!

We have been lucky to have beautiful weather for the past two days. It has allowed us to play outside and get some fresh air. Most of the children have been enjoying their time outside doing various activities such as playing ball, working on puzzles, spending time at the art cart and much more!

In the Maple room children worked together to build leggo houses and leggo cars. Mataeo and Mark were busy at the writing center writing thank you letters to the police officers and bubble group from yesterday.
In the Oak room children worked on building the structures for pour paint which we will start this week.
Campus grow came to our school this afternoon to gather children to help plant sunflower seeds and marigold seeds. The children were busy digging holes, planting the seeds and watering the plants to help them grow.
Today was a beautiful day to be outside and we hope for more beautiful weather!
Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.
Ms. Kampfert

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