Thursday, June 6, 2013

The End of Another Great Week!!

Today was the end of yet another fun filled week. The kids had a lot of fun with the new things that was going on this week and continued the fun today! We finished building our structures today that will be used for pour painting next week. For lunch we joined pods and ate together in the zen garden. They had so much fun being able to eat lunch with their classmates from the other pod. The rain started a little bit after lunch, but by center time in the afternoon, it cleared up.

The drums in the hallway and outside were popular today. In the hallway they were using the music sheets to use the correct notes on the drums, and were also learning how to use some of the new drums we have. They had a lot of fun outside with our big gathering drum and experimenting the different sounds it can make.Vance realized that it sounds differnet when you hit it with your hand compared to the drum sticks. 

They finished planting today and are now becoming expert planters!! Some children helped Mr. Jonaitis finish planting his tomato plants. They loosened the dirt with some rakes and shovels and then dug holes for the plants to go in.

The light tables were something new for the children to experience today. In the black light corner in the walnut room, they were experimenting writing and drawing with highlighters. They also had fun with a light table that had colored rice on it.

We're all looking forward to the fun and exciting couple more weeks we have left here at the CDLL!!!

Have a Great Weekend!

Ms. Van Buren

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