Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thankful for a Rain Free Tuesday!

It's been a warm and sunny Tuesday!

We were very happy the rain clouds stayed away today and we were excited to enjoy some nice weather again. We made sure we caught up for lost time in the sun, engaging in many outdoor activities. Our veits woods groups were able to spend the day exploring in the woods!

Our rain barrels were filled and ready to use in our mud kitchen sandbox! Something we haven't been able to use in some time now and it sure was a hit. We also gave our baby dolls baths outside in our water tables.

Our art cart on our art deck outside had some new supplies to create with! We kicked off our socks and shoes and made foot prints in some foot clay. Seeing what kinds of shapes and prints we could make with our toes and heels. 

While discussing and planting vegetables in our gardens outside, there was expressed interest in growing lemons. We discussed that a lemon tree would not be able to grow in our Michigan environment and would have to stay indoors. We held onto some lemon seeds from yesterday when  we made fresh squeezed lemonade. Today in the kitchen we took those seeds and planted 12 seeds inside. We are very anxious to see what happens. Any predictions? 

We are looking forward to our bowling field trip tomorrow!! 

See you all then, 
Ms. Knoth 

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