Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Rainy Wednesday!

Today was another busy in the in the CDLL. 

The children continued to use the popular magna tiles in the Walnut Room and the writing center there was also very popular!

The Oak Room was busy with airplane 3D building and painting structures that they have built in the past. The painting easels were also a big hit today among children.

Dress up was popular in the Pine Room, as well as the camping store and cooking in the kitchen!

The children enjoyed using the hand saw in the Maple Room and the Lego table was also a big hit.

In the Hallway today, the children enjoyed making music, writing in different languages at the mail center, and even making hand fans!

Lastly, at center time this afternoon, we had a special guest! Elian's mom came in and read the children some stories about diversity and human rights. We learned that even though we may look different in some ways, we still have many similarities between us. We also learned that everyone has rights, like the right to live and the right to be safe.

  ~Ms. Schmunk and Ms. Smith~

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