Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday April 9, 2013

Happy rainy Tuesday everyone,

Today was very busy both inside staying dry and outside playing in the rain.  While outdoors, many children explored how extra slippery the slide was.  They enjoyed having the teachers stop them near the end of the slide before they went flying off.  They also enjoyed finding the worms around the playground.

In the indoor movement room, we started off with some bowling.  Afterwards, we played a very large game of Duck Duck Goose.

In the Maple room, some children built a train track using the track pieces and ramps.  The saws and buses were also popular.  

Dress up was very popular in the Pine room.  The children put on dresses and accessorized with jewelry and shoes.  The children also spent a lot of time with the babies and in the camping area.  

Stay dry,

Ms. Baer & Ms.Goodman

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