Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Wednesday!!!

In the Walnut Room today, there was playing with the soil and grass. The children were also very interested in the water tables with purple water and dumping the water into the cups.

In the Oak Room, the clay on the floor was very popular. The water beads are now colorful and the children had a fun time exploring them.

In the Maple Room, there were lots of structures being built including ramps for the cars.

In the Pine Room, there was lots of cooking in the kitchen. There was also a lot of action with the babies.

In the hallway, the children made mail for their friends, and explored the musical instruments.

We beat the rain, and were able to go outside twice today! The children had fun riding on the bikes, walking on the cup stilts,playing tag, digging for treasures and worms in the sandbox! 

~Ms. Hayes & Ms. Bonner

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