Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's Thursday!
This morning we had Osama and Samir's mom visit us in the Oak room where she taught the children numbers in Arabic. Gavin's dad also joined us in the Maple room at the end of the day for a little bit. 

We had Yoga going on all day in the indoor movement room. The children enjoyed doing different animal poses.

 In the Walnut room the children added color again to the clean mud.
"It feels like goo"

The buses were speeding around all day in the Maple room. Some children also pretended to go into outer space in their space shuttles.

Luckily the rain held up long enough for us to go outside. Many children had a blast jumping in the muddy puddles and finding "wormies". 

 Have a GREAT weekend!
-Ms. Haggerty & Ms. Youngbloom


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