Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday April 16, 2013

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Ms. Parrott sings 'Bingo' using the children's names for attendance
Today in the Pine room the children continue to play in cars and firetrucks they made out of card board boxes. 

In the Maple room, the children built many different ships out of magna-tiles. 

In the Oak room, the children continued to work on painting their glass bottles as well as exploring in the water searching for clear water beads.

In the Walnut, many especially enjoyed playing in the water table exploring how fast or slow water dripped through each cups. Marble tracks have been a big hit for the children and have made collaborated efforts with each other. 

"It's invisible!!" -Aiden R.

This morning in the indoor movement room, many sang and danced having a dance party to all the children's favorite songs. In the afternoon, the children made their way through an obstacle course. 

Ms. Tierney & Ms. Owens

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