Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Thursday! 

In Walnut today, the children had fun experimenting with dumping colored water into various containers and even figured out how to make a tall squirt of water occur with the containers. The petunias that are in the room have started to grow, so the tops have been removed and now leaves are visible. Children also made shadows with different animal figurines.



There were a few zoos created in the Maple room today. The blocks were a hot commodity as well, with train stations and houses being built.

In the Hallway the children were busy making music and practicing their balancing skills by walking while holding onto a spoon with a wooden egg on it!



The colored marbles in water were felt and explored by the children at the light table. Buddha boards were also a new item of interest in the Oak room. The children also danced to several songs in the morning, including the very popular Penguin Dance song!

In the Indoor Movement Room, a game of balloon volleyball took place in the morning, while another dance party went on during the afternoon!

Our day was a little bit different today, instead of going outside, we went on a walk around the EHS building because of the bad weather!

 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
 Ms. Goodman & Ms. Parrott

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