Thursday, June 8, 2017

Watering the flowers!

Today while outside the kids had a chance to water the growing flowers we have here. Thanks to Miss. Potter, the children could go and fill up their watering cans and find flowers throughout the playground to water. They really enjoyed helping keeping our outside looking great!

Miss. Potter helping the children fill up their
watering cans

Graeme: "I'm keeping the flowers alive!"

Michael helping water the flowers

Spencer: "I like this, this is fun!"

Taevion agreed that watering the flowers is
a good way to help them grow
State Standard:
1.  Early Learning Expectation: Relationship in Place. Children begin to understand and interpret their relationship and place within their own environment.
                    5. Demonstrate a developing sense of respect for nature and its components.

Caitlyn Key, HDF 409

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