Thursday, June 1, 2017

Special Olympics Field Trip

Today instead of rest time, Pod B and a few students from Pod A were lucky enough to take a field trip to the fields behind the Student Activity Center (SAC) on campus to watch the Special Olympics! After a fun walk there, the students sat down, ate snack, and got to watch the athletes as they competed in bocce ball and a relay race. The kids really enjoyed watching them play and cheering for them!

It's hot outside! -Farrah

The children cheered with the athletes after they
announced that they had won!

The children enjoying snack as they watch the
athletes practice bocce ball

"I think they are good players!"-Asher

6. Early Learning Expectation: Participation-Cooperation-Play- Networking-Contribution. Demonstrate increasing ability to be together with others, in play or intellectual learning opportunities and/or making positive efforts for the good of all; join a community of learners in person and digitally as appropriate.
               Emerging Indicators: 4. Recognize respectfully the similarities and differences in people

Caitlyn Key
HDF 409

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