Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Painting in the Maple Room

Today in the Maple room, children had a lot of fun using the different varieties of painting that is offered. Between painting with Ms. Potter for the outside garden and painting with the flip flops, the children created many different types of art work. 

Avryl painted a house for the garden.
She said "I'm using two different colors for the roof"

Hunter used the flip flops to make different patterns with the paint.
He said "I'm using the same colors for paint as the flip flops"
and "these colors make me happy"
"I mixed the purple and green colors on the shoe and it looks really cool!" stated Avryl.

Teaching Strategies: Demonstrates knowledge of the physical properties of objects and materials. 
Uses language to express thoughts and needs. 

Courtney Shatney, HDF 409

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