Tuesday, May 2, 2017

CDLL Fun on This Cloudy Day

Hallway Fun!

Daley, Sage, and Coen run a pizza parlor.
 Sage: "Who wants pizza!"
Coen: "Me! There's mushrooms on it."

Anaya, Lily P.J, and many others explored the musical end of the hallway.
 They wanted to make a band, and learn how to play the guitar.
 Anaya: "I counted 26 marbles falling down."

It was a chilly day, but the children had a blast running around!

Jace and Graham wandered around finding all of the mud puddles.

Mrs. Potter's small group took a walk out to the Gazebo for lunch and for small group!
A yummy picnic lunch!
Amelia Doerr- HDF 409

Teaching Strategies:
Demonstrates Traveling Skills
Explores Musical Concepts & Expression

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