Monday, June 5, 2017

A Very Busy Day

Despite the chillly, dreary weather this morning, the afternoon sun shone bright! The children were excited to be back at school today. They explored new forms of painting such as bubble paint. They dipped bubble wands in a homemade paint and blew bubbles at their papers! They rode on tall rollarcoasters in the Light Studio simulator. They had slimy hands after manipulating the soap clay. They also continued to discover with the vet clinic set up in the Pine Room. It was truly a very busy day!

"I have a kitty bed." said Livy.

Husain was a doctor and gave the teachers check-ups.

"Time to got to school. Going to school. Going to school. Going to school." Roman sang.

"I'm looking out," Lila Beau told a teacher.

Emily Andersen
HDF 409
TS Gold Objective 31: Explores change related to familiar people or places.

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