Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Such an exciting day in the CDLL!

 In Pod A, children were able to combine sensory explorations at the light table with different colors of finger paint. The Walnut room was also busy with seed planting and hammering golf tees into pumpkins. The children are interested to see their plants grow!

 Yet again, there was lots of construction happening in Pod B! Children were able to manipulate using the smaller sized Legos. Of course, there was still building of fire stations and the newest addition was the building of ramps. The children loved learning how to make their cars go faster and slower! 

 The indoor movement room allowed children to practice skills of balancing using balance beams and in the hallway, children were able to explore their musical talents. The drums were quite a big hit! 

Even though there may be cold weather, that doesn't keep these little champs from having fun in the sand! The sandbox was popular for making sand angels and digging holes. 
Hope you have a great evening!

~Ms. Squiers

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