Monday, October 14, 2013

What a Beautiful Monday!

It was a chilly start to the day but the sun came out before too long. Ms. Weller and I took a group of 10 children for a nature walk around campus. Some of the children had gone on similar walks with Ms. Weller last year. Those children enjoyed showing the new children around the familiar landmarks.

One of the more popular spots was the rocks outside of Pearce Hall. The children enjoyed climbing, running and hopping on the rocks. 

One of the children discovered that a rock had a side that resembled a slide. The children were eager to try it out. It worked perfect! 

Mrs. Potter was harvesting seeds from the marigolds on the playground this afternoon. She invited the children to help her pick off the flower and put them in the basket. They will be learning how to take the seeds out on another day. The seeds that were harvested will be used to plant the marigolds for next years garden.

The honors student Jill was back today! The children were eager to see what she brought this week and very excited when they found out they would be painting. They used plastic worms to paint, which intrigued some of the children. A child said, "Wait, we don't get to use a brush?" Jill explained that they would be able to see what the different ridges of the worm looked like in the paint. Many children swirled the worm to see what effect it gave them. 


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