Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lots to do and learn in Pod B

In the maple room the children spent lots of time working at the Lego table, building houses and race tracks for their cars to drive on. Children also continued their building of towers and fire stations. There was also lots of work at the wood working table. Now, at the wood working table, one side is hammering with real nails and the other side is for using screws with screw drivers.

In the Pine room children had lots to choose from. Some chose to go fishing and catch the newly added rainbow fish in the pond while other children got to try and use some chop sticks as well as pretend to eat some sushi and other oriental food at the oriental restaurant.

In the morning, large movement was filled with children working on the balance beam and tumbling on the mats. Children would take turn doing somersaults and other tumbling moves down one side while other children would walk down the beam. In the afternoon large movement was filled with music, children and most of all dancing as the children had a dance party. They listened to some of their favorite music such as “What does the Fox say” and “The Chicken Dance” while doing some different dance moves one doing what he called the “worm”

Ms. Geyer

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