Thursday, October 31, 2013

Field Trip Success!

Today the whole school went on a field trip to the Farmer's Market in Island Park! Many of the children were excited to explore the area and see what was being sold. One of the stands gave every child an apple to try! The children were also able to decide as a small group what things they would like to purchase from the Farmer's Market. Groups bought a variety of things for the school including gourds, pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, honey and homemade soup. These items will be available in the school next week for the children to explore.

The children that went on the field trip in the morning were able to use the Indoor Movement for an obstacle
course! They used a balance beam, tunnel, mats and the rock wall to exercise and have fun. The class also went on a walk around the Education Building. Overall the day was full of adventure and discovering!

Ms. Pocsi
Teaching Strategies Social Studies: #29. Shows basic understanding of people and how they live. 

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