Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fun Thursday!

What a great day we had today!  This morning in AM centers we had some children in the Maple room constructing a colorful highway.  We made sure to save it so the children could continue to work on it next week until everything is completed.
The Pine room continued to serve up some delicious Japanese cuisine.  The children spent time taking their teachers orders and then delivering sushi, rice and other tasty treats to them! The pond continues to be a big hit in there also!  Today some children took their babies to the pond to catch and cook them some fish!
In the Oak room their was a giant, spontaneous dance party on the stage!  Children could hear the music from different rooms and many kids came to show off their dance moves and exercise their bodies! It was so much fun to get our hearts beating! 
Miss Weller was in the indoor movement room this morning and the children were playing with different balls! They practiced throwing them, and catching them and even rolling them back and forth.  It was really fun and a great way for children to work on their hand-eye coordination! 
For PM centers it was a beautiful day so the children put on their coats and went outside to get some fresh air! Lots of children played hide and seek and tag! All the running really helped warm up their bodies on the chilly day and get their hearts pumping! 
Hope you all have a great weekend!  See you Monday!
-Miss Petruska

T.S. Physical #7 Demonstrates gross motor skills

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