Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It was a Great Wednesday for Pod A!

The teachers and students had a very fun day today! In the Walnut room we have been doing a lot of sensory exploration! We have bead orbs in the water tables, which the children enjoy running their hands through and flowing them through funnels and tubes. We also have a pumpkin to celebrate the fall season. Children can feel the insides and explore the pumpkin seeds.

In the oak room we have been making Oobleck! A liquid/solid exploration for the children.Clay has also been very popular and the students are getting familiar with it's properties and uses! Pumpkins have also been in the Oak room, where we have been painting them with acrylics!

Each room had a great community conversation today in morning group on kindness, and ways we can practice kindness in our school. For our afternoon centers children had the choice to spend the time outside and many did. We saw our first glimpse of a snowfall today, and the children were thrilled to see winter is on it's way.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

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