Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beautiful Day in Pod B!

The children welcomed two new bearded dragons today! Their names are Peridot and Tiger! During large group, the children discussed some rules that the school should have regarding the two new classroom pets. In Maple, the rubber band peg boards and building ramps for cars were extremely popular! The children also discovered that they could balance their magnet tiles on top of each other. In Pine, the babies and the car seats were a hot spot. Another popular area was the dress up area. The children loved to walk around in dresses and high heels!

It was another beautiful day outside so the Maple and Oak room were closed during afternoon center time and the outside was opened! The children enjoyed picking carrots, green tomatoes, and pumpkins from the garden.

While the children waited for their parents to pick them up, many participated in a game of "hug football"! The children had a blast huddling in a circle to make a play and then passing the ball to one another!

Jenna Asaro

Teaching Strategies # 6 Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills

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