Thursday, October 3, 2013

Exciting Thursday in Pod A!

Wow! What an exciting day we had! First of all, we welcomed two new reptile (bearded dragon) friends to our school today! Peridot and Tiger have a brand new home in the Walnut room and will live there for the remainder of the year.  All the children and teachers are so excited to have them! The children talked about how they can respect the animals in their large group today and then we given the opportunity to explore the bearded dragons with magnify glasses!  

Miss Bristley continued her water color appointments today and taught children how to be the "boss of their brush" in the Oak room.  The Oak room also allowed the children to continue their exploration of color and texture by adding color powder to the shaving cream.  Lastly, children were able to feel the texture of clay with their entire bodies.  

In the Walnut room the children continued to mix colors in their test tubes. And the dark room was open and the  children were able to investigate their shadows.  And of course Peridot and Tiger were the star of the show and brought many children to the Walnut room! 

In the afternoon we had the Oak and Maple room shut down and the children could choose to play outside.  Ms. Weller brought out some of the carrots in the garden for the children to snack on and Ms. Pocsi and Ms. Squiers had a fun game of "hug football" going on in the afternoon! 

Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday!

-Ms. Petruska

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