Monday, October 7, 2013

It may have been a cloudy morning but Pod A had a great morning!

Good afternoon parents! The weather was a little blue today but that did not change how much fun we had in Pod A today. We added so many things to our school, so the children had a fun morning exploring all the new items at center time. In the Oak room we introduced slime and we opened the water color table to everyone. The water color appointments are done but Mrs. Bristley was busy today with clay appointments. She was busy showing some children this morning all the tools we have at our school, that can be used with the clay.

 "It is cold"   "It feels like a rock"   "It's gooey"   "You can rip it apart"  "It can bounce too"

 The slime was introduced in the Art Studio but the children were able to make the slime in the Discovery room today. The children tomorrow will be able to play with the slime that the children made today. This will be offered the whole week. Today we kept it white and we will introduce color slime tomorrow and for the rest of the week.

Today in the Walnut room along with the slime making we also introduced exploring with water at the sensory table. The children are able to see and explore with water. A master maze was also introduced today in the Walnut room. Molly, who is one of the student teachers that teaches on Tuesday and Thursday made this maze and brought it in to share with the children.

Outside with the graduate student the children had the chance to make bird feeders and  they got to hang them outside on our trees.

Rebecca Jones

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