Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Such a Fun Filled Wednesday for Pod A!

Today was a very fun day for the whole school! For lunch we enjoyed an all school picnic outside on the playground. Children enjoyed turkey sandwiches and chocolate milk together outside in the fresh air! Some children went on a nature walk today with Ms.Weller and some enjoyed doing yoga with Ms.Potter. Both the Walnut room and the Oak room stayed busy with children exploring everything from the water tables, easel painting, flashlight exploration and learning to work with clay!

Music was also a popular area of exploration today. Several students joined together during center time to form a band, using instruments such as drums, maracas and symbols!
Remy and William rocked out on the drums!

We got to end our day today with a dance party in the indoor movement room! Students and teachers danced around the room together to familiar tunes such as the chicken dance and the YMCA. Children showed off their dance moves. We even saw a few break dancers! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday tomorrow! Hope to see you all at PaPa's Pumpkin Patch this Friday!

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