Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Fun Filled Indoor Day for Pod B

Today in Pod B there was so much for the children to do. In the large motor room the children had scooter racing in the morning and a dance party in the afternoon,  because of the cold rain outside we had extended afternoon center time and we came in early from outdoor lunch time but all was filled with large group time filled with stories and music.

Get Ready Get Set and Go.The scooter racing in the large movement room was filled with excitement. the children would scoot down different ways and even have the change to tell the other children to go.

Even though it was wet outside the children still go to be adventurous and go driving on a trip. In the maple room there was lots of building of towers and fire stations and even so road racing

Hope Everyone has a great weekend and I hope to see you all at Pap's Pumpkin Patch tomorrow and the Homecoming Alumni Breakfast on Saturday.

                                                                      Ms. Geyer

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