Thursday, October 6, 2016

Writing Center

There are writing centers available in each of the classrooms in the CDLL including the hallway. The children have had the chance to write, color, send someone a letter, use stencils, scissors, and the newest edition is leaf rubbing available in the Walnut Room. The children are fine tuning their fine motor abilities as they are learning to write to their friends and family. The children are allowed to send a letter to someone in the school including teachers, via mailboxes in the hallway easily accessible to the children.

"Look at the designs my leaf is making, I picked the one with the biggest stem." - Jace

Thomas was busy positioning his leaf on his paper.

"I'm writing a letter to Audrey's sister, does she have a mailbox at the school? Do you have a mailbox at the school?" - Zoey P.

"I need to tape up my letter, there are stickers inside of it for my friend."- Katherine

Teaching Strategies #7 Demonstrates fine- motor strength and coordination

Kaitlyn King

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