Monday, October 24, 2016

Nails and Hammers!
Today in the Oak Room, the children were engaging with the real hammers and nails. The school has real materials for the children so that it draws the children in and actually gives children the chance to experience what it is actually like working with those materials. The children enjoy having these materials there for them. It also allows the children to practice the safety rules of the real materials. 

"You have to be careful" -Zoey 
"You have to tap it" -Zoey
"Hold the nail so it stays" -Zoey 
Michigan Standard of Quality- Children show a beginning awareness of scientific knowledge related to living and nonliving things.
8. Understand the way simple tools work through their play with common toys; e.g., wheels, pulleys, gears, screws.

Tiara Lawrence
HDF 409 Student 

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