Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Under The Sea!

Today during center time in the CDLL, the children were able to explore underwater life at the light studio in the Walnut Room. 

In the picture below, Tegan, Ariona, and Liam were looking at the different toy fish available on the light table to accompany the projection. "It's a stingray!" -Tegan

Liam saw a fish that looked a little different. "It has kind of creepy eyes."

 In the picture above, Tegan holds up a small toy seahorse as one swims across the screen. "It's so beautiful!" -Tegan

In the picture below, Tegan, Ariona, and Liam watch a clownfish swim. "What's that?" Liam asked, "I've never seen anything like that before!" Tegan responded, "It looks like seaweed." Ariona said, "It's Nemo!"

Becca Hansen, 409

Michigan State Standard: Early Learning in Science. Children develop positive attitudes and gain knowledge about science through observation and active play.

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