Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fall Tree

Everyday the children are given the opportunity to experience a smaller group with other children, a lead teacher and student teachers. This small group allows the children to get engaged with ideas that spark their interest on a more cognitive level. Today in Mr. Jonaitis small group the children worked to create what a fall tree looks like.

"I'm going to add a stick because tree's have sticks." -Braeden


"I added red to my tree because I see red leaves" -Aaliyah

Ella cute leaves using scissor and glued them to her paper to create her fall tree, "I'm all done I need to let it dry now"-Ella

Michigan Standard of Quality

 Early Learning Expectation: Reasoning-Problem Solving-Reflection. Children demonstrate a growing capacity to make meaning, using one’s habits of mind to find a solution or figure something out.
Gather information and learn new concepts through experimentation and discovery, making connections to what they already know

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