Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Our Discovered Friend, Praying Mantis!

While playing outside today Livy stumbled upon a praying mantis! From that point on, the praying Mantis became a huge hit among several children.

Livy captured the praying Mantis using a jar, stick and a teacher's help. Once she secured the praying mantis in her jar she said, "Let's put him in the habitat!" She then walked over and set it into a table that is free for children to create habitats out of for insects.
"This is your new home, Buddy!" said Livy. 
"He needs some more dirt" Livy decided as she went and searched for dirt to add.

Once the praying Mantis was released into his new home several children joined around the habitat to check it out. Then a teacher suggested, "Should anything be added to the praying mantis' new home?" Then children set off to find things for the habitat.

Sarah A., Bella and Ericka came up with the idea of adding grass to the habitat.
"He might eat grass!" said Ericka as she dropped grass in.
"Yeah, he lives in grass!" -Sarah A.

Michigan Standard of Quality:
Early Learning Expectation: Living and Non-living Things. Children show a beginning of awareness of scientific knowledge related to living and non-living things. Use observation skills to build awareness of plants and animals, their life cycles (e.g., birth, aging, death) and basic needs (e.g., air, food, light, rest)

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