Monday, October 17, 2016

Playing Sand Slime

This afternoon in the walnut room the children we're able to explore with a new texture at the texture table with  Sand Slime. The Sand Slime is made up of sand,glue and water in which they have the opportunity to make. The children began playing with the Sand Slim, noticing how it felt to them and creating things with it.

" Its so sticky it stuck to my fingers" Jace

 "Look I made glasses" Jace

 "My hand is covered in a slime glove" Jonathon

 "I'm making baby worms." Sarah P

 "Look I made pancakes!" Kayden

Michigan Standard Of Quality:
Early Learning Expectation: Relationship in Place. Children begin to understand and interpret their relationship and place within their own environment.  1. Explore the environment, experiment and play with natural materials, explore the texture, sound and smells of nature

Buck, HDF 409

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