Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Outside Fun

Today at the CDLL, we had a very busy day! When we were outside in the morning, some children found a praying mantis on the playground. They jumped up and down in excitement and discovered ways to catch him in order to put him in a bug catcher.

Here, we can see Kayden using a stick to try and pick up the praying mantis while Coen, Michael, Sovie, Evie, Brody, and Andre look on.

"It's probably scared," said Evie.

It took quite some time, but the children were able to transfer the praying mantis from the playground to some rocks using a stick to get the praying mantis into the bug catcher.

"Let's go find another one!" Andre proclaimed.

During small group time, Mrs. Bristley's small group took a field trip to the Greenhouse on Central's campus! The children were able to discuss the different types of plants as well as look for different shapes they saw at the Greenhouse.

Above Avryl, Gavin, Annika, Muadh, and Graham examine a rectangle they found.

Overall, it was a great day at the CDLL full of lots of fun outside!

Jessica Theis
Teaching Strategies, Objective 27: Demonstrates knowledge of the Earth's environment

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