Monday, October 24, 2016


Today in the Walnut Room we added "Blubber" to the texture table. Since this is a newly introduced fine motor manipulator that has not yet been added to this room, children kept coming up to the table asking the other children, as well as the teacher, what they were playing with. 
Since this was newly added, the teacher at the table kept asking the children what the "Blubber" felt like, and also what he/or she thinks of it compared to the other types of texture that have previously been at the table. 

"Look I made a volcano out of it. It comes up, it falls down, then comes up. Usually that's what blubber does." -Jace

Lila Beau told the teacher, "It's comfy. Now it's hard. Now it's comfy" as she way playing with the "Blubber." Then she said, "I made a snowman," which is her creation in the picture.
The "Blubber" was a success today for engaging the children's fine motor skills, as well as keeping them engaged in conversation. The children were explaining to each other that the expectation to play with the "Blubber" is that after washing your hands with soap and water, each child needed to make sure their hands were extra dry. When one child did not dry his hands enough, Jace turned to him and said, "Your hands are green. Your hands were not dry enough and that's why they're green."

Teaching Strategies Gold: 
Objective 7: Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination
a. Uses hands and fingers

Berinti, HDF 409

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