Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Team Work!

During morning centers the children get the unique experience to choose where they want to play, and this can bring children to play together who normally are not in the same room for morning large group.  Today in the construction room children were very busy building together to create different structures. The children worked hard to create a castle and when work time was over, we left it out so other children could add on to it later in the day.

This was the start of the structure as we began to build it

"Lets build a big castle!" - Logan

Graham joined into the castle building with us as well!

"These are going to be flags for the king" - Graham

As the morning progressed the children added more and more blocks to it.

Once the metal blocks were placed, Logan had told another child who was playing nearby that it was a driveway for their car!

 State Standard: Approaches to Learning 1. Early Learning Expectation: Creativity-Imagination-Visualization. Children demonstrate a growing ability to use originality or vision when approaching learning; use imagination, show ability to visualize a solution or new concept.
Ms.Babbitt HDF 409

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