Thursday, October 27, 2016

Exploring New Environments!

Today, the children and the staff at the CDLL had an opportunity to go on a walk through the Education and Health Services building (EHS). The children were able to explore different areas of the EHS building. Some of these areas include the first floor commons which includes documentations, pictures and college students enjoying their passing periods between classes. The children looked for different shapes, letter and numbers. The children really enjoyed going on the talking elevator. After each floor, the elevator states what floor it is, and the children were excited every time. Our small group toured a small study room that had tables, chairs and a white board, the children were very amused by how big the furniture was compared to the CDLL. 

Below is a picture of Ms. Goodman explaining to the children that some of the pictures in the EHS building were taken by our own lead teacher Mrs. Potter. 

"Are those pancakes that they are making?" -Farrah

Next, the children wait for the talking elevator while Ms. Musselman explains to the children why there are two different types of recycling bins in the building. 

Below, is a picture of Macrae exploring the different chairs that were located in the third floor study room.  

"This is a big one, I need help getting down." -Macrae 

Even though the weather wasn't the best, we were still able to move around and explore a new environment located right next to our school. 

Teaching Strategies Gold: 
Objective 21 - Explores and describes spatial relationships and shapes. 
Objective 4 - Demonstrates traveling skills. 

HDF 409 - Palenske 

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