Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Exploring Yoga with the movie frozen

This morning in the Indoor Movement Room the children practiced Yoga movies the the movie instructor frozen. The children learned to balance their bodies, use gross motor-skills to do kicks and jumps into the air, as well as traveling skills to move from one end of the yoga mat the the next.
The children said "I'm going to chose this color mat to sit on." 

"Doing this pose is a little harder" , said Evie.

"I can do that pose look", said The children.

"I can stay like this for a long time" Favour.

Michigan standard Of Quality:SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT (SEP)Physical development (fine and gross/large motor) is important to the achievement of general health. Gross motor development enhances body awareness, understanding of spatial relationships, and cognitive growth

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