Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Foxtail Tag!

Happy Tuesday! Today children had the opportunity to play a game called foxtail tag during PM Group. The objective of the game was to protect your flag from being stolen, while trying to catch another person's flag at the same time. The children ran around the garden as their flags waved through the wind. Once the flags were gone, it was time for children to try and catch a different flag!   

                                    Children run around the garden while playing foxtail tag.

                                  Tegan said,  "I need to find a place where nobody sees me!"

                                                      "You can't catch me," said James.

Michigan Standard of Quality:
Early Learning Expectation:
Children increase their ability to understand and control their bodies and learn that regular physical activity can enhance their overall physical, social, and mental health.
3.) Participate actively and on a regular basis, in games, outdoor play, and other forms of exercise that enhance physical fitness.

Kristen Nagl
HDF 409

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