Thursday, October 27, 2016

Exploring Senses

Today in the CDLL the children had the opportunity to explore apples that were bought from the Farmers Market last week. Children were able to sort the apples by colors, size, shape, and taste. Children were also exploring the feeling of silly putty made by one of the student teachers. The children wrapped the silly putty around their hands and maneuvered it into different shapes and sizes. The senses are one of the greatest things to explore as a child. They learn how to see, touch, taste, listen, and smell what they are exploring.
"These apples are the same color." - Alijah
"These apples are the same size." - Harper
"I have to use my whole body to cut this apple, this is really hard to do." - Harper

 "This apple is a different color on the inside, look!." - Ryan

"This is like zombie goo, it is super sticky."  - Jonathon
"Look how tall I'm making this. There is purple in this blue slime." - Alijah

Kaitlyn King 409
Teaching Strategies Gold #22 Compares and Measures

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