Thursday, October 20, 2016

Our Trip To The Farmers Market

   Today we had a field trip to the Farmers Market at Island Park. While we were there, we got to visit each of the vendor's booths. We saw: pumpkins, flowers, vegetables, fruits, honey, soaps, candles, rocks and coffee. Some of the vendors took the time to tell us about their products. The children really enjoyed that.
   Each of the small groups was given $5 to spend. The children had to work together to decide what they wanted to spend their money on. One group in particular decided that they would split the money and each buy flavored honey sticks to enjoy when they got back to school.
 For lunch, we had a nice picnic under one of the pavilions. It was a great time to reflect on what we saw at market.

Vendor telling children about his jewelry.
"This candle smells like sugar." -Victoria
The children also had the opportunity to play at Timber Town, a wooden playground near the market. The playground was filled with unique playground structures such as: moving stairs, tire swings, bouncy bridges, and wooden cars.

"Braeden will you swing with me?" -Liam

"I'm bouncing, I'm bouncing, I'm bouncing!" -Macrae

Michigan State Early Childhood Standards Of Quality
Children explore with increasing understanding the physical characteristics and relationships of objects and happenings in their environment [HSCOF-ID 7.3.3] 

Example- Children's interests in the physical world and living things are extended by using information books, field trips, visitors, and other ways of opening up the classroom to the larger world.

Musselman HDF 409

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